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Accelerate time to value with a powerful meeting tool built to accelerate change with a focus on business analysis.







Drive Change

Today, the increasing pace of change and influx of new information poses a real challenge for change leaders. Engaging with stakeholders well and getting to the right information fast has never been more challenging.

These new challenges call for more adaptable real-time tools. Change leaders who adopt these new technologies will create greater impact and be highly valued in their organizations.

Ask the Right Questions
Engage Stakeholders Well
Analyze Effectively
Mitigate Risk




Easy Meeting Organization

Organization that just makes sense. Whether you're involved with a single company or many, organize your meetings in a familiar way using accounts and projects.

Prepare Questions and Topics with Ease

A successful meeting starts with clear objectives. Prepare key questions and topics rapidly.


Create and Import Meeting Templates

Speed up meeting preparation using effective, reusable templates. Easily import them into your meetings with just a few clicks to consistently drive results.


Like ChatGPT but for Live Meetings

Leverage the powerful reasoning capabilities of AI to drive meeting productivity. Customize prompts to tailor an assistant to behave just like you want it to. This also works with templates for rapid reusability.




Access and Interact with Questions/Topics During Meetings

Put your preparation into action and ask the right questions. Ensure you always hit your targets.


Powerful Suggestions from the Assistant

SwiftBa Assistant takes meeting intelligence to a new level. Cut through ambiguity, uncover hidden layers, and zero in on the core of every obstacle with confidence.

Full Screen? Split Screen?
You Decide.

How it Works

The assistant leverages the purpose of your meeting, along with the ongoing dialogue, to identify and propose pertinent questions. This helps in unraveling ambiguities and enhancing your grasp of the obstacle.

Although powerful, remember it's an assistant, and not a replacement for applying the proven skills of business analysis. It's best used as a supplementary tool.


Capture Call Transcript.

The SwiftBa bot joins meetings you specify and captures conversations with ease.




Search Transcript

Great change starts with great traceability. Access and search a transcript to validate facts and expose potential risks.


Targeted Analysis for Key Questions/Topics

You've asked the right questions and you've got some great answers, but now you need to analyze further. Access generated intelligent summaries to every key question and topic asked to inform and power your next move.

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  • Organize Meetings with Accounts and Projects
  • Meeting Templates
  • 80min Monthly Usage Limit
  • Live Assistant (Limited by Monthly Usage)
  • Unlimited Storage


$15 / Month
+ ($2/Additional Meeting Hr)
  • Organize Meetings with Accounts and Projects
  • Meeting Templates
  • No Monthly Usage Limit
  • Live Assistant
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 120 Meeting Minutes Included
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